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Tips For Framing Your Prints.

By Narelle Spencer
on October 02, 2017

Tips For Framing Your Prints.

So you have picked one or a couple of prints from our collection for your little one’s bedroom.   But have you thought about how you are going to frame and hang these prints? 

Don’t worry. The hardest part of framing and hanging prints is choosing the prints to begin with. And you’ve just done this.
 Here are a few tips for helping you once you receive your prints.

Standard Frames.

Most of our prints come in six sizes, so your can easily find the perfect size to fit that space you’re trying to fill, big or small.
These print sizes have been chosen to suit ready-made frames from places like Kmart, Target, Ikea and small discount homeware stores.

To Mat Or Not To Mat.

Firstly, I’m not talking about Matthew McConaughey. But for the record it would be ‘to Mat’.
A mat board (or mount) is a thin, flat piece of card included within a picture frame, which serves as additional decoration.
A mat board can also help with the longevity of your print as it separates the print from the glass. Sometimes condensation can develop on the inside of the glass which can transfer to the print if they are not separated, resulting in water damage, mould or mildew.

Benefits Of Using A Mat.

  • You don't have to find an exact-size frame to fit your artwork. You can buy a frame in the next size (or two) up, then cut a mat board to fit the frame.
  • Mats create space between the frame and the art. This can create more of an impact for the print you have chosen.
  • A bit of a budgeting cheat is that you can buy a print smaller than the space you are looking to fill, but frame it in a larger frame with a mat board so it fills the space.
Your mat board can be any color of the rainbow. The key is to find something that helps the art stand out without being too distracting itself.
 A lot of frames come with ready made mats but if it hasn’t or it’s not the right size or colour you can purchase ready made and custom mats from Frame Shop.

Note: Make sure your mat board window is not the exact size of the print or it will fall straight through.

     Thin Mat                                              Medium Mat
                              Thick Mat                                      Coloured Mat

Frame Choice 

Simple timber, white or black frames will always help your print pop. But using vintage and ornate frames can be a stylish alternative.


Framing Alternatives

Art Hangers

One thing I often hear is that customers buy prints but don’t get around to framing and hanging them. This is why one night over a few drinks with my hubby we came up with our Magnetic Art Hangers. Turns out we weren’t the only ones with this idea, but that’s ok we still

These timber hangers are a quick and easy way to hang your print. Simply place the print between the front and back timber hangers at the top and bottom of the print and hang. The extra-strong magnets will keep your print in place.

Note: I suggest keeping the backing board provided with your Fizzy Pop Designs when you hanging, as it provides a rigid structure. Your print will still hang but may curl slightly with out it.



Clip Board Or Bulldog Clips

Another fun way to hang or display your print is with a clipboard. This is inexpensive and again is an easy swap in and out option.  With the bull dog clips you can use wire to hang them from the roof, or hang them from a nail them in the wall.

Washi Tape Frame

If you are ok with sticking things to your walls this is another fun option for framing.

All you need for this is some Washi Tape in either a simple block colour or mix it up with fun patterns. Measure and mark out frames for your print to fit in and stick your print in the centre using Bluetac or double sided tape.


Photo Bonjour Bibiche

I hope that these tips help with framing and hanging your print. But don’t forget we print in-house so if you have a frame already but our standard sizes don’t fit it, we can custom print to the size of your frame or space.



Fizzy Five With Featured Artist Louise Tate

By Narelle Spencer
on August 27, 2017

Fizzy Five With Featured Artist Louise Tate

Our collection of prints are made up of designs from local and international artists.

It’s time to meet one of the wonderful artists featured within our collection.
 Introducing illustrator extraordinaire, Louise Tate.  Her designs include all of our amazing Alpha Art, where everything with the letter begins with that letter.

Louise also creates wonderful animals and objects filled with small, colourful and fun miniature images of that animal or object. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here is an example of her flamboyant flamingo.

Flamingo Print

There is so much detail in Louise’s designs, that our digital prints often get mistaken for original pieces of artwork.


Tell us about yourself?
I have scribbled, scrawled and painted ever since I could wield a pencil and brush, developing a passion for painting and drawing very early on as a young child.
I have been lucky enough to study both Zoology and Illustration at degree level, live in the most amazing places (South Africa, The Netherlands, Singapore and USA) and work with some wonderful publishers, greetings card companies and individual clients.
Louise Tate Fizzy Pop Designs Featured Artist
So what is your creative process?
It is hard to say in a few short words exactly what inspires me.  I have a love of the natural world around me and things that make me laugh (not always the same as things that make others laugh). When I hit a barrier, I will say to myself 'how hard can it be' and push through the obstacles with varied results. 
Dinosaur Print
What can you see outside your window?
I am very lucky to live in rural Shropshire and so the view from my window is over the garden (which is normally green due to the constant rain) and then past some mature scots pines and then over grass field and hedgerows. In the garden we have a hen house on a pole where our 3 chickens live.
Louise Tate's Home
You're a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?
This for me is an easy question. It would have to be ultramarine blue and yellow ochre. The reason to select these 2 is they are the best colours for mixing and creating limited pallets.
What are you working on now?
I have been very lucky over the last few years to make a few good contacts. One of these contacts Jellycat has been very supportive and I have just finished my 5th book for them whilst also helping design some of their new toy ranges . At the same time as doing this I try to fit is some art for myself and expand my existing ranges for popular requests. So my latest design 'U is for Unicorn' is being finished right now. 
Louise Tate Book Illustrations        Louise Tate Unicorn Print
Check out all of Louise's prints here and let me know what your favourite design is.
Miss Fizzy

Kid's Room Inspiration - Starting Neutral

By Narelle Spencer
on June 29, 2017

Kid's Room Inspiration - Starting Neutral

When your planning a room; especially when it's a nursery and you don't know the sex of the baby, it can be hard to know what colour palette to choose.
One  of my favourite colour palettes that I think is really stylish is that of a white, grey and deep blue.  Obviously, blue has traditionally been a colour for boys but if you start with this colour base to set a contemporary feel you can add pops of colours to suit.  From the Dulux paint range you could go with Casper White and Miller Mood for your walls.  Then use Dulux Saliling Safari as inspiration for furniture pieces.
For accessories you can then mix it up using your three core colours to keep it neutral or add that pop of colour with colours like Dulux Perennial Phlox (Pink) or Dulux Vanilla Ice (Blue).  There are so many colours that suit this core colour palette like mustard, mint and even a deep terracotta.
And don't forget your prints and wall art to help tie it altogether as well as adding some fun an imagination to your little one's room. 


1. Dulux Miller Mood  2. Dulux Caspar White Quarter  3. Dulux Sailing Safari                   4. Potterybarn Kids Camp Dresser  5. Talo Interiors Canopy  6. Hip Kids Kids Sofa          7. Adairs Kids Bedding  8. Sweet Creations Kids Cushions   9. Fizzy Pop Designs Jar Of Stars Musical Cushion  10. Fizzy Pop Designs Went To Sea Print  11. Fizzy Pop Designs Star Catcher Print  12. Beyond Bright Rug  13. One Two Tree Playhouse Shaped Treasure Board  14. Dulux Perennial Phlox  15. Fizzy Pop Designs Ballerina Kitty Print  16. Dulux Vanilla Ice  17. Fizzy Pop Designs World Of Animal Wall Banner


Add A Pop Of Colour To Suit Your Little One.

Small Rooms Full Of Big Style.

By Narelle Spencer
on May 30, 2017

Small Rooms Full Of Big Style.

Hello. I am totally awestruck by the miniature world of dollhouse furnishings.

All the beautiful room décor I see and ‘like’ on Instagram is being lovingly recreated as miniature replicas. My Miss M has a dollhouse but it’s in no way a designer home like some of the ones being created. 

Whimsy Wood Designs Modern Dollhouse   A Dollhouse for Edie

                          Whimsy Wood Designs                 @adollhouseforedie


Here are a just a few of the amazing pieces and their amazing makers I have come across.
Steph Wallace from Mostly Miniature makes tiny trendy furniture and room décor. Her love for all things small was reignited when she had her own daughter.
My favourite pieces in her collection include this incredible timber kitchen, complete with retro Smeg fridge and brass look rangehood.
Mostly Minature Dolls House Kitchen
As well as this West Elm inspired four-poster bed, which is perfect for any modern scandi look dollhouse.
Mostly Minature West Elm Inspired Bed

Sam Murphy from Tiny Perfect World creates the most divine and delicious looking food for the miniature world. Handmade from polymer clay with incredible detail, they look good enough to eat.

Tiny Perfect World Food For Your Dollhouse

Tiny Perfect World

Jenny from Whimsy Woods Designs makes a very good point when she says that all her pieces are made to the highest quality. These dollhouses are more than just toys they become heirloom pieces, handed down from one generation to another.

I absolutely adore Whimsy Woods Design’s vertical garden, mini dollhouse and mini pegboard.  

Whimsy Woods Designs Amazing Trend Miniatures For Dolls Houses.

Whimsy Woods Designs

It was actually the lovely Danielle from All Things Miniature who opened my eyes to all of these ‘modern minatures for mini homes’. Danielle approached me to collab with some of my prints as miniatures in her collection.   How could I say no. Seeing my Boho Bunny and Royal Dog as a framed mini prints was so exciting.

All Things Miniature Fizzy Pop Designs Boho Bunny Print All Things Miniature Fizzy Pop Designs Royal Dog Print

                       All Things Miniature                              All Things Miniature

But, these prints are nothing compared to the stylish detail of her concrete look kitchen and upholstered timber couches.  Oh, and that packaging!  The attention to detail is incredible.

All Things Miniature Modern Miniatures for your Mini Home

All Things Miniature

I look forward to when Miss M is a bit older so we can renovate her dollhouse.

(Please excuse the crazy birds nest hair, we were having a pj day).

Miss M Dollhouse





Kid's Room Inspiration - Animals

By Narelle Spencer
on April 27, 2017

Kid's Room Inspiration - Animals

Hello.   Did you see our new series of animal prints?

These gorgeous new prints combine photography and illustration. Their stylish modern look, makes them a great print for nurseries through to tween rooms.

                Boho Bunny              Royal Dog           Boho Lion            Royal Panda

With the launch of these new prints, it got me thinking about styling ideas for animal themed rooms.  Animals are definitely one of the most popular themes for nurseries and kid’s bedrooms.  Generally speaking one of the first things we teach our kids to name when they are learning to speak are animals.   So it is no surprise to see animal themed rooms and kids décor a popular trend.  Animals are also a great theme because you can tailor them to a look and style that suits your child and your home.

            Animal Alphabet Banner                                Animals Of The World Banner

 Once you decide that you want to go with an animal theme, you can keep it broad and fill it with lots of different animal prints and décor pieces or you can hone it in to a specific variety of animals. For example woodland, jungle, safari or even aussie animals.

 Aussie Animal  Photo Minty Magazine      Woodland Animal   Photo Wit & Delight

 Or you can choose to a specific look that ties in animals like this tribal inspired look featuring our Spirit Animals prints.

When it comes to animal décor there is some really cool and fun stuff around. Here are a few of my favourites.


Fiona Walker Animal Heads From Leo & Bella             Fox Snuggle Cushion 


            Animaze Puzzle Furniture                               Crochet Elephant Rug Etsy

And how about these fun animal products for kids?

Panda Costume Sparrow & B          Elephant Silicone Plate & Bowl Pottery Barn Kids

                                    Daschund Crayon Holder Bear & Sparrow

And of course if you are looking for animal wall prints we have a huge selection for you. Simply select the Animal filter when you are within a category to quickly and easily  browse all of our animal prints. 


If you have an animal themed room you would love to share with us and our fans, send us a pic to  We would love to see it.
Until next time.  Happy styling.



Welcome To FIZZYOLOGY. Today We Head Into The Green Room.

By Narelle Spencer
on March 18, 2017

Using Green In Kids Rooms


I'm looking forward to sharing with you styling tips for kid’s rooms, as well as anything awesome in the parenting world. Oh, and there may be a post or two about life in the Fizzy Pop family, because my three year old (Miss M) is very entertaining.

Today we are going GREEN.

Did you know that each year Pantone, the authority when it comes to colour, chooses a colour of the year?   For some reason last year they chose two but it was back to one this year and the colour they chose was Greenery.

Did you also know?

Green is meant to make people feel great.

Gentle green shades calm, relax and bring harmony to a person. Vibrant shades are meant to be mentally stimulating, encourage independence and gives off positive energy.

It sounds like the perfect colour to add to kid's bedrooms.

Green is a bold colour, so it’s probably not one you would paint every wall in. Having said that, you could consider patterned wallpaper that have complimenting neutral tones. Green is a particularly fun colour for playrooms. Mixed with timber and natural tones and fibres, it’s like bringing a bit of the outdoors in.

📷 tellkiddo                                  📷 milk magazine

 📷 design sponge

If all over Greenery is not your thing, then just a little Greenery to your little one’s room with some fun accessories or furniture.


Storage Cubes & Bed   

Attic House

Crochet Cactus    Palm Mobile

Bean Bag


And last of all you could even add some art for a pop of green.

         Caterpillar Print                          Dinosaur Print                               

        Bear Nap Print                             One Of Those Days Print


Enjoy adding a little GREENERY to your little one's room and if you are  using green as a feature colour tag me in your social media pics.  I would love to share your style with our followers.

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