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5 Fun Mini Makeover Ideas For Kid's Rooms

5 Fun Mini Makeover Ideas For Kid's Rooms

It’s school holiday time and it’s winter. That means that more than likely there are going to be a few rainy days that you’ll have to spend inside. A great way to keep the kids entertained is to get them to help you with a mini makeover in their bedroom.

 Here are five easy ways you can restyle your little one’s room without breaking the bank. Use one or more of these mini room makeover ideas to create a new look.   The kid’s can get involved in helping make decisions about the look of their room and then help you make the changes. Who knows it might even inspire them to keep their room tidy.

  • 1.    A POT OF PAINT

  • Any easy way to create a big transformation is to change or add colour to your little one’s room.   Get everyone to throw on their painting clothes, cover the flooring and furniture and get painting a feature wall in their favourite colour.

    TIP: If you are painting a light colour over a dark colour, use a white primer first. If your painting over a light colour with a dark or vivid colour, use a grey primer first.

    If your not wanting to paint walls, you can use their favourite colour to paint some of the furniture in their room. A freshly painted dresser or bed can still have just as much of an impact as a feature wall, especially in a white or neutral room.


    Jump online and check out your fave homewares stores for new cushions, rugs and bedding. Print out your little ones favourite room accessories for them to create a mood board before you head to the shops.   Remember it’s not always about out with the old. Mix and match what they already have in their room with new accessories for a refreshed look.


    3.    ART THEY’LL  ❤️

    If you’re not super keen on painting walls but still want to add a creative touch to your little ones room. Add some prints to their room. You can use poster size prints to create a feature or have some real fun with a gallery wall. You can include your child’s favourites prints from the Fizzy Pop Designs collection along with some of their own drawings. Mix and match frames or keep it simple with modern timber frames.

     Australian Map Kids Wall Art  

    4.   CHALK IT UP

    Your little one can create their own bedroom theme any time they like with a chalk wall, desk or wardrobe.   This is another fun mini makeover idea where you get to put your painting gear on and have some fun.

    Did you know that Dulux has a range of Designer Chalk paints in 10 super fun colours? Your chalk wall doesn’t have to be standard black.


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    I love this idea the best because sometimes the most obvious way to make a change is right underneath your nose. How about swapping some of the furniture from another room in the house with the furniture in your little ones room? Add a bookcase from the living room or a dresser from another bedroom.  Or get a little crafty and change it into something that the kids will play with for hours.

    This can even be a cheeky way to give your living areas a mini makeover with new furniture, if you moving the old furniture to your child’s room.


                                                         Image from

    The most important thing about a mini kid’s room makeover in the school holidays is that it keeps the kids entertain and everyone has fun.

    I can't wait to see everyones rooms.

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