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A Guide To Beds For Kids & Toddlers.

A Guide To Beds For Kids & Toddlers.

Whether it’s time for your little one to transition from a nursery to a toddler’s room or you’re looking to restyle your child’s room here are some stylish, fun and extraordinary bed options for their room.


If you’re looking for a style of bed that can grow with your little one, than a vintage look iron bed is a great choice.   This classic bed frame is simple and stylish and is available in fun popping colours or gorgeous metals.  Mix with modern furniture and bedding to tie in with the rest of your child’s room.
Sunday Bed From Domayne
                 Incy Interiors Metallic Metal Beds.


If space is at a premium in your little one’s room then a bed that incorporates storage options can help keep clothes and toys tidy.


Clever storage under the bed and in the bed head has bookshelves of this VIC Furniture bed. 



Packed full of storage options this Bilby bed from Snooze has bookshelves in the stairs, cupboards and drawers under the bed and a desk. It’s a room in a bed.


If your little one loves hosting sleepovers than you can be sleepover ready with a trundle bed. Roll out the spare trundle bed for your little ones slumber party and then easily store it away for the next sleepover to save space.

This classic trundle from B2C Furniture take the stress out of sleepovers.


What’s with bunk beds and kids? They love them. I guess it’s their inner cheeky monkey wanting to climb everything. A bunk bed is great for siblings who share a room.   Although who sleeps on the top bunk is likely to be contentious issue.

Modern bunk bed from Oeuf.

Fun fort style bunk bed, that boys will love - Baumpark 


If your little one is desperate for a bunk bed but there is not the need for two beds, loft beds are a super fun option.
You’ll get the tree house bed experience as well as utilising the area underneath their bed for storage, a desk or even a play area.

A sofa and entertainment unit under this Pottery Barn Kids loft bed is a winner with the tweens.

If space is an issue, a play area under a loft bed is a great idea.  Just like this Ikea loft bed.


Stylish and fun, these house beds have been a popular choice for the past year. They are a practical choice for toddlers transitioning from a cot to a bed as many of them are designed to sit on the ground. Plus the fun house element of the bed is enticing for toddlers to remain in their bed. Sometimes.

Mocka House Bed. 


The web is full of incredible kid’s beds and bed hacks. These are just a few that caught my attention.
 Basketball themed bed.           


  Super cool caravan bed.

Amazing treehouse bed.  


The ultimate fairytale bed.

Sweet dreams.

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