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Dinosaur Room Inspiration

Dinosaur Room Inspiration

One the most popular themes for kid’s rooms, dating back to prehistoric times.  Ok, probably not that long.  But certainly for a very, very long time, has to be dinosaurs.

What I love the most about this theme, is the fun use of colour you can incorporate and also that it's really versatile.  The use of plush and cute dinosaur toys and décor make it suitable for a nursery. 

Or if your looking for a more sophisticated look you can incorporate wall art and décor that concentrates on educational points around dinosaurs or even skeleton diagrams with a more monochrome colour palette for the rest of the room.

Dinosaur Themed Nursery Ideas

If you’re thinking about a dinosaur themed nursery, the great news is, green is tranquil. So if you choose a green as your core colour with highlights of grey, slate blue or even a rust colour for warmth. You’ll not only be staying true to the dinosaur theme but you’ll be creating a space for your baby that’s calming.

Add some cute plush dinosaur toys and cushions to style your baby’s nursery. This will soften the look of their room and give you some props to use when story time comes around.

Dinosaur Themed Room - Beebout Designs

3 Things To Love About This Dinosaur Nursery by Beebout Designs

  • Fun retro wallpaper.
  • Colour palette – try from Dulux colour range Green Spruce, Sailing Safari and Orangeade
  • Need I say more. A charming feature that stands the test of time.

Add a little Fizzy Pop Designs to your little one’s nursery.  One of our bestselling nursery prints is our star map prints and banners.  We have the perfect dinosaur design to match your little one’s nursery.  What makes these birth prints so popular is they feature the stars in the sky your little one was born. 

Dinosaur Star Map Birth Print

Colourful Dinosaur Room

Create a fun explosion of colour that rivals the event that caused dinosaurs to be become extinct. Inject energy with bright coloured bedding and room décor. Using prints, that also incorporate text, whether be on cushions or in wall art adds an extra layer of fun. They can also be a creative learning aid, like our Dinosaur Alphabet print.

Dinosaur Alphabet Design Colourful Dinosaur Room


3 Things To Love About This Colourful Dinosaur Room by Lovely Décor

  • A dark contrasting feature wall to help all the colours from the bedding and décor pop.
  • Stylish bunting to tie all the colours together.
  • Fun text on bedding and cushions. 
Dinosaur World Print 



Add a little a little Fizzy Pop Designs to your colourful dinosaur themed room with our Dinosaur Of The World print or banner.





Dinosaur Room For Girls

Having a not so girly-girl of my own, I know that girls love dinosaurs just as much as boys. While there is a lot of décor for dinosaur rooms that can be more on the boy styling, thankfully there is becoming more that’s gender neutral or specifically designed with girls in mind. 

A gorgeous look that I think works well for everyone; boy or girl - young or older kids. Is a boho inspired dinosaur room.

With this look you want to use earthy colours with timber furniture and décor pieces.

Boho Dinosaur Room For Girls

3 Things To Love About This Boho Girl Dinosaur Room by House Of Harvee

  • The rich earthy colour palette.
  • The mix of textures of the furniture and décor.
  • Such a versatile look for young and older girls.

Add a little Fizzy Pop Designs with some modern dinosaur prints. Our Cohab:Designs Arky and T-Rex prints would be right at home in a boho inspired kids room. (pictured above)


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