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Fizzy Five With Featured Artist Louise Tate

Fizzy Five With Featured Artist Louise Tate

Our collection of prints are made up of designs from local and international artists.

It’s time to meet one of the wonderful artists featured within our collection.
 Introducing illustrator extraordinaire, Louise Tate.  Her designs include all of our amazing Alpha Art, where everything with the letter begins with that letter.

Louise also creates wonderful animals and objects filled with small, colourful and fun miniature images of that animal or object. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here is an example of her flamboyant flamingo.

There is so much detail in Louise’s designs, that our digital prints often get mistaken for original pieces of artwork.


Tell us about yourself?
I have scribbled, scrawled and painted ever since I could wield a pencil and brush, developing a passion for painting and drawing very early on as a young child.
I have been lucky enough to study both Zoology and Illustration at degree level, live in the most amazing places (South Africa, The Netherlands, Singapore and USA) and work with some wonderful publishers, greetings card companies and individual clients.
Louise Tate Fizzy Pop Designs Featured Artist
So what is your creative process?
It is hard to say in a few short words exactly what inspires me.  I have a love of the natural world around me and things that make me laugh (not always the same as things that make others laugh). When I hit a barrier, I will say to myself 'how hard can it be' and push through the obstacles with varied results. 
Dinosaur Print
What can you see outside your window?
I am very lucky to live in rural Shropshire and so the view from my window is over the garden (which is normally green due to the constant rain) and then past some mature scots pines and then over grass field and hedgerows. In the garden we have a hen house on a pole where our 3 chickens live.
Louise Tate's Home
You're a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?
This for me is an easy question. It would have to be ultramarine blue and yellow ochre. The reason to select these 2 is they are the best colours for mixing and creating limited pallets.
What are you working on now?
I have been very lucky over the last few years to make a few good contacts. One of these contacts Jellycat has been very supportive and I have just finished my 5th book for them whilst also helping design some of their new toy ranges . At the same time as doing this I try to fit is some art for myself and expand my existing ranges for popular requests. So my latest design 'U is for Unicorn' is being finished right now. 
Louise Tate Book Illustrations        Louise Tate Unicorn Print
Check out all of Louise's prints here and let me know what your favourite design is.
Miss Fizzy

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