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My Favourite Kid's Room Trends

My Favourite Kid's Room Trends

I love seeing what trends are evolving for kids room and nurseries. Here are some of what I've seen and loved.

Lived In Rooms

Messing things up or more like letting our kids have fun in their rooms.  It’s all well and good to have a perfectly styled kid’s bedroom or playroom to share on social media but it’s no fun for the kids who have to live in it.  This year it’s all about letting your kids play and live in their rooms.  It doesn’t always have to look like a perfectly styled room.   Let them have say in their décor and if it doesn't all match, who cares.  Let them have fun.

Image Instagram @mothermeg     

           Image Instagram @littlevillagehandmade


Colour Trends

The general trend for colours in kid’s rooms and baby nurseries this year is a more mature colour pallet that flows through from the rest of your home.  Colours like emerald green, terracotta, apricot, deep teal, mustard and lilac.  


For those looking to stick with more traditional colours, the trend is for moody and misty blues (even for girls) and things are moving away from dusty pink towards bubblegum pink. 



Nursery and Kid’s Room Themes

Florals will remain a big trend, with lots of vintage inspired fabrics on bedding and décor.  Peonies were the flower of choice last year.  This year it will be roses.  With lots of big rose murals, paper flowers and garlands.

Image Instagram @sofiaatmokkasin 
 Image Instagram @moniquepaperart


We only need to look up for inspiration for this next nursery and kid’s room trend.  Space and constellation themed rooms will be popular for not only boys but also for girls who dream of one day exploring the galaxy. You can use cute star and rocket décor for a nursery or toddler’s room or more mature star maps and planet décor for older kids.


You’ll also find because colour trends for 2019 are more natural and earthy that themes from last year like tropical, safari and jungle will remain a fave this year.

  Image Instagram @irina_pushko
       Wild Child Print     


Material Of The Year

We started to see rattan being used in living areas and lucky for us it’s made its way into kid’s room.  Gorgeous sunburst mirrors, rattan beds and unique rattan décor create a timeless boho look.

   Image Instagram @thesimplefolk

Celebrating The Details

There has been a big resurgence in celebrating and commemorating babies birth details.  Stylish and unique birth posters will feature heavily in nurseries.

Star Map Birth Prints

Handcrafted Artisan

More and more people want to know how products are made, where they are from and who made them.  It is no surprise then that we will see lots of small handmade businesses with their furniture and décor pieces featuring in kid’s rooms this year.  Sharing with your child the story behind brands will help them take pride in owning the item.   Swap the clutter of lots of cheap toys and décor for fewer quality handmade pieces with a story.

       Image Instagram @my3ratbagz_

So what do you think of these kids room trends?  Have you incorporated any of them into your child's room?  Or is there a trend not in my list that I should really check out? Comment and let me know.

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