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Tips For Framing Your Prints.

Tips For Framing Your Prints.

So you've picked one or a couple of prints from our collection for your little one’s bedroom.   But have you thought about how you are going to frame and hang these prints? 

Don’t worry. The hardest part of framing and hanging prints is choosing the prints to begin with. And you’ve just done this.
 Here are a few tips for helping you once you receive your prints.

Framing Using Store Bought Standard Frames

All of our prints come in six sizes, so your can easily find the perfect size to fit that space you’re trying to fill, big or small.
These print sizes have been chosen to suit ready-made frames from places like Kmart, Target, Ikea and small discount homeware stores.
Standard Kids Print Sizes

To Mat Or Not To Mat Your Kid's Prints

Firstly, I’m not talking about Matthew McConaughey. But for the record it would be ‘to Mat’.
A mat board (or mount) is a thin, flat piece of card included within a picture frame, which serves as additional decoration.
A mat board can also help with the longevity of your print as it separates the print from the glass. Sometimes condensation can develop on the inside of the glass which can transfer to the print if they are not separated, resulting in water damage, mould or mildew.

Benefits Of Using A Mat For Your Prints

  • You don't have to find an exact-size frame to fit your artwork. You can buy a frame in the next size (or two) up, then cut a mat board to fit the frame.
  • Mats create space between the frame and the art. This can create more of an impact for the print you have chosen.
  • A bit of a budgeting cheat is that you can buy a print smaller than the space you are looking to fill, but frame it in a larger frame with a mat board so it fills the space.
Your mat board can be any colour of the rainbow. The key is to find something that helps the art stand out without being too distracting itself.
 A lot of frames come with ready made mats but if it hasn’t or it’s not the right size or colour you can purchase ready made and custom mats from Frame Shop.

Note: Make sure your mat board window is not the exact size of the print or it will fall straight through.

Kids Print Framed To The EdgeKids Print With Mat Board Frame

     Thin Mat                                              Medium Mat
Kids Print With Thick Mat Board FramingKids Print Framed Using Coloured Mat Board
                              Thick Mat                                      Coloured Mat

Frame Choice For Your Print 

Simple timber, white or black frames will always help your print pop. But using vintage and ornate frames can be a stylish alternative.

Modern Timber Framed Kids Print

Antique Ornate Frame For Your Kids PrintGold Framed Kids Print


Framing Alternatives

Wall Art Banner

All of our designs are available as canvas banners, so if you're looking for wall art you can hang straight out of the box, then this is the perfect solution.

Our canvas banners are printed on quality artist canvas, so are durable and are finished with a Tasmanian Oak timber top and bottom frame.  Complete with cotton cord they are ready to hang.

Ready To Hang Kids Canvas Wall Banners

Art Hangers

One thing I often hear is that customers buy prints but don’t get around to framing and hanging them. 

Timber hangers are a quick and easy way to hang your print. Simply place the print between the front and back timber hangers at the top and bottom of the print and hang. The extra-strong magnets will keep your print in place.

Note: I suggest keeping the backing board provided with your print when you're hanging, as it provides a rigid structure. Your print will still hang but may curl slightly without it.

You can buy great quality art hangers from our friends at Made From Good Deeds

Art Hanger For Framing


Clip Board Or Bulldog Clips

Another fun way to hang or display your print is with a clipboard. This is inexpensive and again is an easy swap in and out option.  With the bull dog clips you can use wire to hang them from the roof, or hang them from a nail them in the wall.

Washi Tape Frame

If you are ok with sticking things to your walls this is another fun option for framing.

All you need for this is some Washi Tape in either a simple block colour or mix it up with fun patterns. Measure and mark out frames for your print to fit in and stick your print in the centre using Bluetac or double sided tape.


Photo Bonjour Bibiche

I hope that these tips help with framing and hanging your print. But don’t forget we print in-house so if you have a frame already but our standard sizes don’t fit it, we can custom print to the size of your frame or space.



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