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Pete is an Australian designer, illustrator and happy art creator. He lives on Victoria's Surf Coast, and has worked for big name companies, such as Hallmark, in the past but now he's doing his own thing with big, bright, bold designs.

Colours in the brightest hues and basic shapes form the basis for Pete's happy creations.


Helena Tyce is a UK artist based in Nottingham.

A Surface Pattern Designer of 20 years, Helena uses her wealth of experience to create unique and quirky designs using print, collage, typography and good old drawing and painting.  A love of the written word dominates Helena’s work, as do iconic images and nostalgia.

You could say she is a bit old-fashioned but always with a modern twist, making her designs timeless.


Louise and her family live in Shropshire, UK.  When not drawing or painting she can often be found chasing rabbits out of the garden or trying to come up with a recipe for Jerusalem Artichokes that actually tastes nice!

Louise Tate has scribbled, scrawled and painted ever since she could wield a pencil and brush, developing a passion for painting and drawing very early on as a young child.

She has been lucky enough to study both Zoology and Illustration at degree level, live in the most amazing places (South Africa, The Netherlands, Singapore and USA) and work with some wonderful publishers, greetings card companies and individual clients.



Cassie is an illustrator and designer living in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her loving husband, beautiful daughter and spunky puppy, Poptart.

She absolutely loves to draw and paint. Cassie can't remember a time when she didn't have a pencil or paint brush in her hand. Her inspiration comes from my everyday life, whether it be a walk in the woods, looking at vintage children's books or nature photography.


Llama Creation was created out of dreams and whimsical imagery by two sisters based in NYC. With art backgrounds in textile, surface, and graphic design, they began creating modern, fun, fresh and whimsical nursery art in 2014. 

Each piece is diligently brought to life from their sketch books with hope that their creativity will inspire all children and bring forth their dreams to come true too.


Victor Fox is the Graphic Design and Illustration of Clare Westwood, based in Geelong, Australia.

Victor Fox focuses solely on designing bright, fun and unique paper goods, with most products created from Clare's illustrations.



Emily Tyers always wanted to have a little side project, and as a new mumma, creating hand drawn wall prints for her son's nursery has enabled her to stay creative whilst enjoying this very special time in her life.



 Animo welcomes you to a nostalgic world of a timeless bunch of naive, quirky, gentle animals and their endearing emotions, created with delicate water colours and discreet humour. 
They are all the work of Anna Gisle.  "I don’t like to make fun of the characters, ever, and I try to stay clear of a cartoony or sentimental feel. My focus is to try to paint them as well as possible. 
To get the feeling right it is all about people! I watch people whenever I can, on the bus, in the cafe and of course my own grandchildren. Gestures, glances and human interaction is what fascinates me."





Tati Abaurre is a pattern designer and illustrator from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, currently living in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
She has a deep love for prints and patterns and has always felt inspired by nature, especially by the beauty of flowers and birds. 
While studying in Vancouver, Canada she also took a course on children's book illustration and was fascinated by the world of illustration. She started focusing more on designing when she moved to Slovenia in 2014, and when her son was born in 2017, she immersed herself completely into creating designs for babies and kids and fell in love. Since then she has licensed her work to be sold as kids clothing, gift wrap, decoration items and fabric. 
Her passion is creating art that is cute, colourful and happy and dreams to fill the world with adorable sweet patterns that make you smile.


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