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Tips For Choosing Kids Wall Art That Hangs Well Together.

Tips For Hanging Kids Wall Art Together

There is no real hard or fast rules when it comes to choosing wall art to hang together.  Except to say go with what you love.  Often I have customers that say they love 2 completely different prints and worry they don't go together.  I think it doesn't matter.  An eclectic mix of wall art and décor becomes a cohesive look in itself.

But if you do want to find wall art that naturally hangs well together, here are my tips.

1. Look for designs by the same artist.  Each artist has their own signature style and look, so often their designs will have a coordinated look.

Ballerina And Fairy Girls Wall Art

Featured designs above - Ballerina Terrarium & Fairy. 

2. Look for designs with a similar colour palette.  Even when art is by different artists, if they share a similar colour palette or even just one dominant like colour.  They will hang well together. 

Matching Colours Kids Wall Art

Featured designs above - Jellies Making Polar Caps & Penguin

3. Look for designs that have a similar theme.  Again these designs don't have to have the same look or feel.  It is the subject matter that ties them together.  

Dinosaur Boys Wall Art

Featured designs above - Dinosaur Alphabet & Dinosaur

4. Typography designs are a great way to addpersonality to a room but are also easy to pair with any picture design.

Typography and Fun Design Kids Wall Art

Featured designs above -Sunshine &Over The Rainbow


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